Registration 2017

Register on Eventbrite for Restore and Revive 

Please read the instructions below before registering!

Registration is divided into 3 sections:

  • Conference Fees ($50/person for the whole four days, $25/day)
  • Meals ($10-$25)
  • On Campus Housing ($50/person/night)

When you click on the link, you’ll need to select a conference fee ($25/day or $50 for the whole conference) and then purchase any meals or housing options that you’d like to purchase.  You’ll need to select each meal you want to eat and each night that you’d like to stay.  There is also a special Luncheon event with Heidi Baker on Monday, Oct. 2 at 12.30pm (Currently Sold-Out, Wait List is available).

For Example, someone coming on Sunday and Monday who wanted to stay the night would select 1) Whole Conference Registration, 2) meals on Sunday and Monday, and 3) select Sunday and Monday nights for Housing.  If  you are planning to stay off campus and take care of your own food, you need only pay the general registration fee.

Please read the information below before registering. 


1. Whole Conference Registration – $50 
2. Individual Days:

 Friday Night with R. T. Kendall – no fee

 Saturday – $25 per person per day

 Sunday – $25 per person per day

 Monday – $25 per person per day

**Please note, you may register at the door, but we prefer online for planning purposes

**Eventbrite does not offer refunds, but in the event of an emergency change of plans, please contact Tom Savastano at


Several meals will be provided on campus during Restore and Revive.

Hillside Organic Catering will be serving the following buffet-style meals for the convenience of attendees: Sunday dinner (5 pm), Monday lunch (12:30 PM) (not the luncheon with Heidi), and Monday dinner (5pm). All the buffet meals are organic, with gluten-free options. There is a special lunch with Heidi Baker on Monday at 12:30…please note that there are two options for lunch on Monday.

Saturday Lunch (All NE BBQ!) will be provided free of charge! Please RSVP so we can be prepared to serve you

Sunday Dinner @ 5 PM – $12/person

Monday Lunch @ Noon – $10/person [not the Heidi Baker event]

Monday Dinner @ 5 PM – $12/person

SPECIAL EVENT (12:30): Heidi Baker Lunch Event – $25/person (SOLD OUT–Wait List Available)

HOUSING (Includes Breakfast)

Housing is available at on campus in dorm-double occupancy style spaces and includes sheets, blankets, pillow, and a towel with shared bathrooms, a large men’s and women’s bathroom in each building (not a private bathroom). Most rooms require an ability to use stairs. If you do not ask for a roommate, we may assign one to you. We can accommodate couples but expect to have two twin beds (versus a queen or king). Families can also be accommodated—let us know any special needs you have!  For housing preferences (choosing roommates or room assignments), please contact Janea at

Space on campus is limited so please register as early as possible to assure a place.

Housing is $50/person/night and includes breakfast

Nights Available:

Friday, September 29 – $50/person/night

Saturday, September 30 – $50/person/night

Sunday, October 1 – $50/person/night

Monday, October 2 – $50/person/night

For housing preferences (choosing roommates or room assignments), please contact Janea at


Click Here to register for Restore and Revive

Visit Accommodations Page for more info regarding hotels and other options for accommodations.