We, believers of New England, gathered as an ekklesia, a formal assembly of God’s people, come together in obedience to God’s summons.

We gather as representatives of God’s spiritual government in this region, endowed with the authority of his Kingdom to bind and to lose, to open and shut both in the spiritual as well as the earthly realms.

We assume the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ, and make these formal declarations on His behalf, believing that we have discerned correctly His will for this time, for our region, and for our nation.

We open gates on earth for the entry of God’s specific purposes into our region.

We release God’s power upon us for evangelistic harvest, for revival, for miraculous interventions and manifestations, and for unity and holiness among God’s people.

We restore the covenant root of Boston and New England and release God’s original covenant plan for our region.

We remove the constricting band that principalities and powers have illegitimately placed over this region.

We declare their downfall, their complete defeat.

We order the release of individuals and institutions to be able to hear and respond to the message of the Gospel.

We declare grace, favor and boldness upon the people of God in this region, to proclaim the message of God, and to carry out His will in this time.

We affirm the words of God’s prophets over our region, and say Amen to their declarations.

In the words of Psalm 24:9-10 we declare over our region:

“Lift up your heads, O you gates and be lifted up you everlasting doors, that the King of Glory may come in.  Who is this King of Glory?  The LORD of Hosts, He is the King of Glory!”