New England Prays: A Movement of Churches Covering New England in 24/7 Prayer  

New England PraysA Movement of Churches Covering New England in 24/7 Prayer 

This October 1, at least 31 churches and ministries around New England will begin a 24/7 prayer meeting that we hope will last until Jesus returns!  Sign Up

Here’s how it works:

  • At least 31 local ministries commit to covering one day/month in 24 hour prayer. (Sign-up!)
  • The local church Prayer Coordinator works with local leadership to cover 24 hours in prayer in the local setting, and to coordinate with the NE Coordinator (What is a Prayer Coordinator?)
  • The local ministry prays first for their own prayer needs, and secondly for regional prayer requests provided by the NE Coordinator or State Coordinator
  • 24/7 Prayer starts October 1, 2017 at the end of 10 Days.  We want to keep praying 24/7 until Jesus comes back!

You can hear more about this amazing 24/7 strategy by listening to Jason Hubbard’s vision cast to New England on May 25.

This new prayer movement is called New England Prays.  The name both aligns with a national movement using the 1 Church/1 Day strategy (America Prays) but also honors Jeff Marks, a father and pioneer of prayer in New England, who wrote a book called When New England Prays. We hope New England Prays will be an answer to Jeff’s years of pioneering prayer and mobilization.

Introducing James Robinson, New England Prays Coordinator

We are pleased to announce that James Robinson will be the coordinator for New England Prays.

James grew up in Connecticut, but went to Bible school at Moody Bible Institute in Spokane, Washington.  While there, he was mentored by none other than Jason Hubbard who came and spoke to us about this strategy in May!  James has already pioneered the 1 Church/1 Day strategy in Spokane, Washington.  While there, he prayed that God would allow him to bring this strategy back to the New England area.  So, when we met and connected, there was a clear “yes” in his heart to help with this. James will be starting at Gordon-Conwell Seminary this fall.

James and I will be working together closely on this, and he’ll have direct oversight of New England Prays.  I’m excited to see how God uses him to be a blessing to his home region!  His email is “” so feel free to reach out to him directly.

New England, State-wide, and City-wide Prayer

The vision of New England Prays is to start broadly with the region, but to become more defined as time goes on.  We hope to start with 24/7 prayer regionally, but then within a few years to be 24/7 in each 6 states, and eventually, to see every medium sized-city in New England praying 24/7.

State Coordinators: We are hoping to have state coordinators for each of the 6 New England States.

We’re pleased to announce that, independent of anything we’ve done, Rhode Island is leading the way.  It’s amazing that God put it in our hearts to start this fall both in RI and in New England.  They’re planning to cover all of RI in 24/7 prayer also starting October 1.  Check out some of their progress at the TOGETHER RI website.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could see what’s happening in RI in all 6 New England States this October 1?!



  1. Laura Rollet

    Please keep me on your e-mail list. Iam veryy interested in what you are doing. I was saved at a Christian Endevor Conference at Northfield in June of 1954.

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