New England Prays

A Movement of Churches covering New England in 24/7 Prayer

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Launching October 1 2017Sign up your church and help cover New England in 24/7 Prayer!

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What is a Prayer Coordinator and what do they do?


Our vision is to cover New England in 24/7 prayer until Jesus returns beginning October 1, 2017.  We see a unified church arising with one heart and one mind to pray for revival, awakening, and transformation in our region. 


Our call is to devote ourselves to unceasing prayer for our cities, our states, and our nation. “All these with one accord were devoting themselves to prayer.” —Acts 1:14


Every congregation, ministry, or network selects a full day or a half day every month to pray.  Your group will pray the same day of the month (the 1st, 2nd, etc. or the 1st Wednesday, 2nd Sunday etc,).


Every congregation is responsible to cover a full day or half day every month in continual prayer. Recruit people to pray 30-60 minutes in a prayer chain to cover the entire time in prayer. They can pray from home, work, school or at church in a central location.  It’s up to each congregation to organize their 12 or 24 hour window of prayer however they see fit.


New England Prays is one of many expressions of what is called the 1 Church/1 Day model.  We’re grateful to Tim Taylor for developing the model, to Jason Hubbard demonstrating it in Washington State and for sharing it with us, and to Brian Alarid for helping us resourcing and helping us do it at a multi-state level.,,